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SOUND CHECK with John Schaefer on NPR

NEA Podcast Interview March 2013

A few Sound Pieces:

Harmonic Distortion

Slowly, In a Silent Way, Caged digitally slows the first minute of Miles Davis’ In a Silent Way (using tempo changes and cross-fading) to match the length of John Cage’s pivotal work 4’33” –the result is a meeting of two notions of silence. From the Exhibition Electric at Sikkema Jenkins and Co. 2010. Streaming for the first time and re-mastered for this page 2012.


Using the “auto reverse” or direction button on a Sony Walkman, ARS is a series of sound works forcing a seamlessness between sides A and B — one that is self-aware, that lavishes, ever so briefly, in the crude sound of transition. The source for this works is the 1969 Elvin Jones LP “Poly-Currents” released on tape in 1985.


Variant Static– is a the static of 16 songs on 78 LP– with moments of texture or accent notes found at the opening and closing chords. This minimal work is essentially about the ‘softness’ and anticipation at the beginning of a song and the mourning or grief at its conclusion:

REST – Dopamine Rising

This commissioned sound piece was presented at the PULSE Art Fair 2012. This work is intended for an art fair environment:



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    […] shared concern with the language of abstraction. Jones’s own 4’33″ piece, titled Slowly, In a Silent Way, Caged (2010), consists of the opening chords to Miles Davis’s album In a Silent Way digitally slowed to […]


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