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Arratia, Beer Gallery Berlin Summer, 2012:

Absorb / Diffuse at The Kitchen – title check list PDF at end of image group

above: In the collection of Elliot Perry

Jones Image Title List PDF

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco – February 2011

Amy Owen, YBCA Staff, Listening:

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.  Summer 2010.

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Jennie c jones

Jennie c jones

Jennie c jones

Jennie c jones

Jennie c jones

Jennie c jones

12 from ’74: Timeless, Conspiracy, Silent Tongues, *Only Chrome Waterfall, Scraps, Apocalypse, Solstice, Whenever I Seem to be Far Away, Ecstasy, Pieces of Light, Expansions and Children of the fire.

12 CD Cases, Paper and Acrylic Storage Box – 6 x 8.5 x 5 inches, 2010.

12 from ’71: Dual Unity, Facing You, The Inner Mounting Flame, Metropolis, The gathering, Science Fiction, So What Do You Think?, Expectations, Trinity, World Galaxy, Road, Listen to the Silence.

12 CD Cases, Paper and Acrylic Storage Box – 6 x 8.5 x 5 inches, 2010

The following works are embedded in the wall:

Jennie c jones

29 LP’s 1960-69: Far Cry, Color Changes, The Modern Sound, Soul Society, Explorations, Straight Ahead, Further Definitions, Free Fall, Abstract, Artistry, Awakening Stratus Seekers, The Cry, Movement, Black Fire, Breaking Point, Inner Urge, Ascension, Maiden Voyage, The All Seeing Eye, Unit Structures, Sound, Symphony For Improvisers, Strange Strings, Sunshine Of My Soul, Intents And Purposes, Interstellar Space, Jewels Of Thought and To Hear Is To See.

Metal CD rack mount, 29 standard CD jewel cases and acrylic paint. 6 x 19 x 5 inches.  2010

29 LP’s 1970-79: Improvise, Extensions, Straight Life, Sugar, The Brotherhood of Breath, Let My Children Hear Music, Ear Of The Beholder, Listen to the Silence, First Light, Universal Consciousness (in neon), Crystal Silence, Open To Love, Living Time, No Answer, Silent Tongues, Pieces Of Light, Scraps, Total Eclipse, Heavy Spirits, Impact, Shadow Graph, Graphics, Revealing, By Myself, No Limit, Metamorphosis, Grazing Dreams, Vertical Form VI and Distinction Without A Difference.,

Metal CD rack mount, 29 standard CD jewel cases, acrylic paint, and neon paper 6 x 19 x 5 inches. 2010

JcJ – Sikkema Press Release PDF

Blanks & Song Containers – LAWRIMORE Project – Seattle,  2010

Tone & Temperament Contemporary Sound ArtArt Currents Institute , 2009

benches, speakers, vintage Memorex ad & audio. See the LISTEN page – MEMOREX.

Red, Bird, Blue Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 2009. See link on home page for public talk at the High Museum of Art in conjunction with this installation.



Kelly’s”Dark Blue” from 2001 was on loan to the Contemporary for this project and bookends my series of works on paper.

6gallery series of 45

series of 10

“Red, Black Blue – Woofers, Wires and Such” 11 x 15 in. each – 2007 -8 series of 12

DETAILS on the drawing page.

4gallery speaker

Sound Bar & Wall Painting 8 ft square. Dark Blue w/ blue note logo.


7 black wall painting

Black wall painting 11 x 5 ft. with a Blue Note logo from the LP “Something Else”.

12white speaker room

13 stereo


16bird house


Birding by Ear in the resource room.

State of the Art: New York, At Urbis, Manchester UK, 2009.


The Walkman Compositions, Smack Mellon 2009:






Recomposing – Arratia,Beer Gallery- Berlin, Germany, Summer 2007.

Simply Because You’re Near Me, (for Bird & Dean)- Artists Space, 2006

Transposed Blue/Cool for Miles & Juliette, ARTSPACE New Zealand, June 2006

AV – audiovisual: Triple Candie Gallery, Harlem NY, May – 2003

All Blues, for the Exhibit Americas Re-mixed: Mostra d’ Art Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy, 2002

(see ‘Text” page for audio of this piece)

Slow Birds: International Group Exhibition: The Cité des Arts, Paris, France

Audio, tape, frosted glass and natural light- November 2002

(see ‘Listen’ page for audio)


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